Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Ulster Way

A rough outline of the Ulster Way

The Ulster Way is one of the longest way marked trails anywhere in the British and Irish Isles, taking in all six counties in Northern Ireland and nipping into county Donegal and Cavan on its meandering route. To take a quote from prolific guide book writer Paddy Dillon and “The complete Ulster Way”
"The course…. brings you on a journey of discovery through Ulster’s most scenic countryside, with its empty moorlands and broad forests, and fields rolling down to the cliff lined coast. For sheer variety the Ulster Way is hard to match."
The existence of The Ulster Way is a result of Wilfred Capper who is fondly referred to as the father of The Ulster Way. He was present at the launch of the Pennine way in 1946, however returned to “Ulster where we have much better scenery than the Pennines” and it was in 1970’s that the idea began to be promoted. In recent years it has been in the process of being resigned and re-promoted after mass confusion over the actual route and problems with access. According to the NIE website the way is being re-launched this summer, however earlier in the year it was billed to be ready for Easter; whether they stay on track is to be seen.

Either way it hasn't been stopping people from walking it in the past, and it certainly won't stop me from walking it.

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