Friday, 19 June 2009

Ulster Way - End of Day Three

The signs have been getting a bit of abuse!

A long days walk today,lengthened by the search for water,and by an accidental early start (reading my watch incorrectly in the morning, duh!) The early start was punctuated with views of binevinagh and across magiligan point, from Bishops Road; worth battling with the wind up the hill. No doubt they would have been better on a clearer day.

A lot of the remaining days walking was through pretty bland non-descript forests and some semi busy roads,constantly stepping onto the verges to avoid being hit by traffic. Legavannon pot, a deep valley, was the most prominant feature of the late afternoon. The driving force for my continued walking was the pot bar, and a pint of guiness. However it was not to be, as it was closed and setting up for 'The Pots Got Tallent' tomorow night, no doubt it would be a stellar night. Continuing on, giving up on beer and looking for just water, it became apparent either people weren't in or that I looked like a vagrant and too dodgey to open to door to.

Eventually, the second last house this side of a hill I found not only water but also the hospitality of a young couple and their mother. On top of my water bottles filled up, I wasnt allowed to leave without some dinner and a cup of tea in me, it was very much appreciated. Thank you very much Eamon, Claire and Rose!

A couple of K's further on and i found a decent enough pitch. 3miles short of Dungiven and a rough total of 21miles today. Time for sleep!

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