Tuesday, 30 June 2009

10th day (Ulster Way)

After a day of rest in derrygonelly i started walking on sunday morning. What should have been an easy days walking resulted in a bit of arse with me walking well off track and not wanting to walk back on myself, not a good combination. After walking aimlessly for an hour i finally reached a sign post and realised i had crossed the border at some stage and was 10miles from belcoo/blacklion. An uneventfuly afternoon full of road walking followed to get me back on track. There is nothing more soul destroying than road walking when you should be in the middle of a forest! Some food in pettigo then onwards another mile to pitch up under a limestone cliffface, which had done a good job of interfering with a phone conversation i was having. A wet night followed but the morning dried up to reveal a thundery day that threatened to rain but never fulfilled.

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