Monday, 24 May 2010

Something I learnt at the weekend is to...

... not try to run 20 miles in the evening sun after working for 8 hours in the sun, having no intake other that a bottle of Powerade before hand and lunch 5 hours previous, serious school boy error. Another one would be not considering the finish time for such a run seeing that I was starting at 7:30 PM, even if there wasn't much of an option if I wanted to get in my long run for the week.

View Outbound to ards in a larger map

(I particularly like the circuit of trail I did around 20:30 while trying to find my way from Helen's Tower to the Lead Mines, I never can find the right path to take!)

At least I had taken some money with me to grab a Mars bar and bottle of rehydration juice before dragging myself back from the metropolis that is Newtownards, to Helen's Bay.

Mourne Way Marathon, 12th June 2010

Talk about trying to put you off entering:

Physical examination is not required to compete in the Mourne Way Marathon. This race is characterized by high elevation, hills, extreme distances, uneven terrain, roots, rocks and general trail conditions found in a forest and on mountains. It may be hot, cold, wet, snowy, windy and generally stormy. If I participate I could die or be seriously injured. Having considered all the options, I agree to participate at my own risk.....

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Friday, 21 May 2010


One very much likes the opening title sequence for the new BBC cop drama/show "Luther". The acidic colour scheme, running water-colour like motion and simple understated artwork is a winner for me. The program itself isn't too bad either but maybe not as clever as it thinks it is, certainly hasn't got anything on Wallander, although not having to read the Swedish subs is a plus!

Few and far between

Another rather sparse period of posting by myself, two in two months, or now three in three, and its coming the end of May! The first post back always seems to be the hardest, so hopefully over the next couple days I'll get some of the things I've been thinking about written up and posted.

It never helps when you're computer dies while writing up a trip report and you haven't been sensible enough to save it, however that's enough for excuses.

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