Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Day 6 (Ulster Way)

A new day, and what a difference to yesterdays. The 'heatwave' that is turning up on tuesday, came here today, well it felt like it compared to the last couple of cool wetish days. A beautiful morning continued through the day, and if anything it was a little too warm for walking, the weather is never right is it? After a late start, I had passed through barnes gap and arrived in Gortin by 3. Headin up through gortin glen and jumping the broken bridges didnt fill me with confidence for the next coming miles, however this was out done, by the felling of trees in gortin forest, destroyin any paths that were once there. Thankfully, this all changed in gortin forest park, which must be the best marked forest ive came across so far. Finally leaving gortin forest park and decided to call it a day, and time for food. Now its time for sleep.

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