Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ulster Way - Day Four - Done

No pic from today,so using one taken from Thursday; the 5mile footpath trek from Portstewart to Coleraine. I'm positive others have pointed it out,but this must be the most worthless section unless you are getting services in Colerane. Watching cars constantly speed pass, while you feel your knees becoming part of the road is not my idea of fun, however that was a couple days in the past, history! Quite a short days walk due to a very relaxed morning of reading some of the day old Times over breakfast and waiting for the weather to clear, probably only around 10-12miles. The situation probably wasn't improved by meeting up with my good friend Jenny, but some things are more worthwhile than ticking miles off a route card.

From far off I could see an a4 page in the car window, and the closer I got the more I realised that I had become the subject of an advertising campaign for my walk,with photos et al; apparently this was the product of my sister, Esther, cheers sis! I would be very impressed if anyone Esther has came in contact with wasnt aware of my walk! :-)

A sandwich, cheeky lunchtime cider, and chat then it was onwards to glenshane forest, Jen
was leaving me halfway to get the car and meet me at the other end. For 2nights in a row I have been treated to civilisation; tonight with a pint in the highest pub in Ireland, the Ponderosa (which was lively with people from Dungiven who had successfuly pulled a lorry 10K's and a climb of 200 m's or so) and dinner in Maghera. It was a bit painful to leave the car and walk back to 'the way' but am now lying down in a lovely flat spot with sleep impending, so its all good!

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