Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ulster Way - Day Five

The 'thin rain that soaks you through' never really left me yesterday morning, its the sort of rain in which midges thrive and maybe that is why while leaving my tent and trying to pack up they descended upon me in there droves. I haven’t experienced anything quite like it, it was even worse than when we set up a shelter during a survival exercise on top of a midge nest, and that was bad.

In hind sight, it was a really stupid place to pitch up, even if it was flat. After pretty much running away from the midges and where my tent had been, I calmed down a bit. It stayed misty for the rest of the morning and while on the moors my feet got totally soaked, I thought my g-tex socks had given in, but thankfully not, and the water had seeped down my mini gaiters, soaking my socks. A quick sock change and onwards I went, if i had been wearing gore lined footwear, and not just socks, I would be confined to wet feet for the rest of the day, definitely one of my favourite bits of kit at the mo! Thankfully the afternoon brightened up, and after a cloudy time on the tops of the hills i was now on the clear roads, with only a couple passing cars and numerous derelict farm houses to keep me company.

I finally stopped in at the Sperrin Herritage Centre and decided that after eating at a picnic table, that it would also do as my campsite for the night. After such an awful to start the day with, it had ended well; nothing better than sitting in your tent enjoying the view with a brew in hand.

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