Monday, 27 May 2013

RIGG SURVEYORS - Sussex based surveying and architecture

Just a quick link to my new website RIGG Surveyors.

RIGG Surveyors - Surveying and Architecture based in Sussex 

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Lovely Leather

Lovely products, but the spend is big

Makr Leather Goods


Hard Graft

Hard Graft

Monday, 14 February 2011

Bouldering In Ireland – hot off the press

A big congratulations to David Flanigan for getting his Bouldering In Ireland guidebook published! David contacted me late last year to use one of my images in his guide, and the offer of a first copy and credit for the photo seemed fair enough to me

I had seen on his blog that he had received the first batch of books so was fairly eager to see it for myself and was impressed for it to arrive so swiftly. I have to say It looks a first class guide, and should meet the demand for a first class bouldering guide for the Island.

The bouldering in Ireland guidebook is now available to buy. The guidebook details all the major and minor bouldering areas across the length and breadth of the island of Ireland including Glendalough and The Wicklow Mountains, The Reeks, The Burren, Connemara, North West Donegal, Inishowen Peninsula, Fair Head, The Mournes and many more.

  • Over 1700 problems in 90 areas
  • From Font 3 to 8b
  • Granite, gritstone, gabbro, limestone, sandstone, schist, quartzite and dolerite
  • 100 maps, 140 photo-topos and detailed directions to get you to the problems
  • Over 150 colour photos of the best problems
  • 256 pages of full colour in an A5 landscape format
  • Contains areas that have never been documented before including Brimstones, Thur Mountain, Ayton’s Cave, Doagh Strand, Windy Gap, Larry The Goats and Pierce’s Castle.

Bouldering In Ireland Guidebook   Bouldering In Ireland Guidebook Bouldering In Ireland Guidebook Bouldering In Ireland Guidebook Bouldering In Ireland Guidebook Bouldering In Ireland Guidebook

Bouldering In Ireland Guidebook

The photos don’t really do it justice, it really is a beautifully put together guide, and clearly a work of love. I’ll have to have a look at some of the problems the next time I’m on the hills.

Best of luck to David with the Guide!

To buy a copy click here.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Cicerone Sale

If you're looking for some cheap guide/reference books get yourself over to the cicerone sale, pronto tonto. They're all going for £2 or £4 compared to the usual £14 either because of tatty covers, or becuause its out of print or an old edition . Plenty bargains to be had, and I'm now waiting on a wee stack to turn up.

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