Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Day 11 (Ulster Way)

OVER A THIRD DONE! 200 miles and counting! Just on the other side of kinawley now, and nearly time to get the sleep on. Another very 'close' day that felt like it was gonna rain but never did. Rather warm and unpleasant to walk in. Todays walk took me past the marble arch caves and then into florence court the former seat of the earls of the enniskillen. It seems like the re routing is well under way as florence court wasnt visited under the previous route, lazyness and following the posts took me there. Returning to the classic way saw me take 2miles of road to kinawley, and enjoy some black while there. One must take more care in map reading, as this road walking is killing me! It is certainly destroying my inov8s 295s which have nearly given up after 200miles!

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benbenben said...

Stumbled across the blog via barmy,and i'm so glad i did! Hadn't heard about the trip but it sounded brilliant, what's the total millage? Anyway blog is great, will be following along in work! Cheers!
Ben McFeeters

Keith said...

Hey dude
No access to a computer in the confines of my tent unfortunately, so only seeing this now. So far Im over 400 miles down and counting, taking the Twelfth weekend off and then carrying on on Tuesday.
Hope its all good with you