Friday, 17 July 2009

Ulster Way - Nothing to see here

Just a very quick update as I have to hit the road! Wednesday saw some monsoon rain coming in to play, however thankfully a large tree saved me from getting totally drenched!

A rather large oak saved me from the worst of this.

The rain continued on and off but the evening brightened up, and after setting off from the other side of Killyleigh I ended up on this side of Comber in a wee picinic area with pleasant views of both Scrabo and the Strangford Lough.

Geting the food on the go

My pitch on Islandhill

Setting off from Islandhill took me up Scrabbo hill, through Newtownards and then into the leadmines park. Once passed through the leadmines and then passing Helen's tower I was on familiar ground and followed the tree lined paths and then Clandeyboye Avenue all the way home to Helen's Bay for a night in my own bed, and subsequently a unwanted lie in. I suppose there are worth things that could happen.

Scrabo Tower

Gotta get started, Up round to Belfast today, via the North Down coastal path and then Stormont. Better get cracking or it will be pretty late by the time I get finished.

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