Monday, 13 July 2009

Back to the Ulster Way

Well the celebrations for the Battle of the Boyne are nearly over for another year and amongst other things means that I will be returning to the Ulster Way, and Downpatrick, tomorrow morning for the last 180 miles of walking or so (I must remember to add up my total so far!) Its quite sad thinking that it will all be over in less than 2 weeks, however it was never going to last all summer, and neither was my money. Looking back I wish I had taken my camera out a little bit more, but will be snapping quite a lot over the next couple of days to make up for it. Looking forward I can see me writing up a relatively concise report when I’m done, to help me remember the trip and for anyone thinking of dabbling in walking the Ulster Way, however it aint all over yet, kid!

On the preparation side of things everything has been getting charged/filled/cleaned and dried, then repacked into my rucksack getting ready for the last push. Being back home, I had been looking over my kit to see if I could drop a couple ounces here or there, however it wasn’t excessive at the start and without dropping the level of comfort I’ve become accustomed to I can’t really lose anything.

The forecast for the Twelfth weekend was for nothing less than a total washout, and with that in mind, I didn’t really want to look for this week. However it was impossible to not look ahead, and have some sort of an idea. Like always the weather is a bit of a guessing game, but I’m hoping it will be a bit more like the forecast and not like the BBC’s, it looks pretty horrible. I suppose I have been very lucky and it was inevitable for it to break, all I’m hoping for is the last day or two not to be a washout.

Fingers crossed for clear skies

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