Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ulster Way - Friday and Saturdays walk

Blackwater Bridge, just outside Caledon

Friday saw me walking from Kirkby House, 3.5 miles east of Augher, and continuing on minor roads through Aughnacloy and finally ending up in the lovely village of Caledon. After a hard day on the roads totalling over 20miles I decided a pint was in order, however 1 turned into a couple, which turned into a couple more, with a spare bed offered (and accepted) by one of the regulars (cheers Sid.) Really quite random but also very kind, and much appreciated.

Quite a lot of Guinness and not very much food made for a rather sheepish start to the next days walking, but after stuffing my face and getting some water down me I was good to go. Half way through the days walk I reached the Benburb Herritage centre, which like the Sperrin Herritage centre, is sitting abandoned, however it has suffered pretty badly at the hands of youths with broken windows, graffiti et al. The youth hostel adjacent to the herritage centre has suffered a similar fate, and is in a pretty bad state, such a waste as it has clearly been renovated within the last 10 years.

Stopping in Benburb later for a sandwich and then onwards to Moy where I spent a night in the most eccentrically outfitted place I’ve stayed in, Charlemont house. Very nice place it was, as is Moy, and a good bit of cider and lager was enjoyed in Tomneys bar, an equally eccentric bar, twined with the B&B. Saturdays walking took me over 300 miles and means that I’m over half way round the way, hopefully the second half has just as good weather. No doubt I have just jinxed it though! Time for sleep!

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Deaconess Children's Services said...

Another lovely part of the Ulster Way runs through County Monaghan. Stop by Knockatallon and take a walk with the Ramblers up there.