Thursday, 2 July 2009

Civilisation, thankfully

Well I'm in civilisation again, in the great Royal centre that is Clogher, once the seat of Irish kings, and now the home of one of my good friends, Alan. After some hot food a shower and a slouch in a chair, I am now experiencing broadband for the first time since setting off. You only realise what you had when you lose it, its as true with internet speed as anything else; dial-up is so slow it would make you want to jump a cliff!!

Today was another wet affair but except for sudden down powers that subsided soon enough, it wasn't too bad. The Sweat-tex spent most of the time in the pack as getting wet and being comfortable is far better that sweating it out.

A set of ear plugs are definitely on the shopping list as being woken up with the rain aint fun, laser comp is rather loud!! Still light and weatherproof though, and after making a repair to one of the guys with fishing line donated by a passer by, is good to go

Left foot is in clip after I preformed surgery on its baby toe, the results of which are still to be confirmed, and the ball of which is blistered. Number one tip, don't try to remove compeed from skin which has been softened by the wet, it makes for very sore feet!! I have been informed that you should let it come off on under its own steam, bit late now. Hopefully my new pair of kicks that are a half size larger will take the pressure off my baby toe and ball of the foot!!

Probably 16 miles done today, the grand total needs to be properly added up but defo around 250.

Setting off from around Kirkby house tomorrow, then onwards through Aughnacloy and hopefully ending up somewhere near Benburb.

Will update again later, gotta head, a real bed is calling me!!

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Alan Sloman said...

Good luck with the new boots Keith.
It sounds like the Way isn't so well kept up then - Must be difficult blazing your trail!
Good reading, fella - and good luck.

Keith said...

Cheers Alan
I enjoyed reading your LEJOG account and with a couple of other things it got me thinking about getting out and just going for it. The Way is very hit and miss, but seems to finally be getting a bit of attention and tidying up