Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ulster Way - Flickr Update

Taken the Twelfth weekend off to recharge the batteries and to avoid running into any of the crazyness that occurs over here around this time of year, back to Downpatrick on Tuesday to pick up where I left off. Until then I am going through my pictures, and have uploaded quite a large selection up to my Flickr account.

Click Here to watch a slideshow of them, and press F11 to go full screen, some nice photies in their if I do say so myself, might work on a wee slideshow, if I can be bothered.

Definately not a bad weekend to take off anyways, the weather is absolutely awful, and certainly the worst its been since I set off, being inside bricks and mortar certainly is gratifying when it is hammering it down, and just a wee bit less worrying than when under a thin piece of Nylon!!



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