Saturday, 11 July 2009

St Johns point and onwards (Ulster Way)

Yesterday took us from Newcastle though Dundrum and onto Ballykinler following well kept grass paths and then minor roads. After an ice cream in Ballylinker onwards we went (Alan is still with me) and finally stopped in the Minerstown Tavern for a 'refreshment.' After chatting to some of the characters in the bar the RNLI kitty got added to and later on, a sofa was offered as well. Eddie's offer was greatfully recieved, a man who was well travelled himself and knew the value of a bed and a kettle in the morning.

As well as more acts of random kindness we both witnessed for the first time the game of skittles, which seems to be popular in this area of Down, with its own leagues. A game of throwing bog found yew at what appeared to be 8inch lengths of brush shafts (each with their own numerical value) in an attempt to get from 51 to 0 in the least amount of throws in a similar fashion to darts. Very interesting and looked a good job. I find it rather incredible that I've never seen/heard of it as I live within 40 miles of the area!

After a night on Eddies sofa and tea and toast we set off this morning in the direction of Killough, stopping off at St John's Point having a look at both the ruined medieval church and the yellow and black lighthouse. Carrying on took us over nearly 2miles of a very rough and seldom walked trail, which took a good bit of effort to get over. After hitting killough and then to Ardglass stopping for some food and continuing on firstly with minor roads then well trodden paths following the coastline. Finally returning to roads for the rest of the evenings walking and ending up in strangford for 9. A couple drinks then on into the wilds to get pitched up for the night.

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Mac E said...

Great Stuff Keith, look forward to the next leg. When do you intend hitting the Antrim Hills?

Keith said...

Only catching this after coming home, crossed the Antrim Hill predominatly in very poor visibility, will have to return some time in good weather to enjoy them. Ballyboley Forest to Ballycastle would be a great walk with decent weather