Wednesday, 2 June 2010

What's up?

There's plenty going on at the minute, or at least it feels like it, not that you know it from the lack of posting on the blog.

First off I added another digit to my age on Sunday and I'm now a stately age of 24. Being the serious athlete that I am, and attempting my first marathon over arduous terrain in less than a fortnight away I certainly didn't give in to my friends' requests and spend the evening pretty much eating meat, returning to alcohol after 4 weeks of abstaining and getting clean wrote off my face.... oh wait :(

At least after the hangover cleared up I was still in possession of a couple rather nice gear acquisitions, in particular a pair of Inov8 Mudroc 290's and a Terra Nova Laser 20L pack. The 290's will replace my dying 330 O's which have served me well and probably should have been retired sooner. The Terra Nova Laser 20L will takes it's place as the smallest volume pack in the stable and will enjoy duties of running, day hikes, lightweight overnighters and mountain marathons.

Elsewhere, I'm finally getting back down to the Mourne's for an overnighter! I was supposed to be away this morning and would have got a couple nights in before the weekend, but got called into work, so the plans got pushed back 24hours. No major issue, and it's given me and my walking partner another day to find kit which has decided to hide itself in the darkest corners of our households. The weather is supposed to stay rather nice so maybe I'll just take shorts and a vest with me?

Final preparations are also being put to next weeks Wednesday Evening Event that myself and my friend Jenny are planning and organising on behalf of Lagan Valley Orienteers. It's the 6th of the series and will be ran in Belvoir Forest Park in South Belfast, anybody that's even remotely interested in orienteering, curious to see if I'm a bit of a douche, or in the area should drop in for a wee run/walk, and you will find all the necessary details HERE.

And finally (and most importantly) the real countdown has started for the Mourne Way Marathon that I am going to attempt to drag my ass round. A week and a half remains until the 26 miles of fun. In part the main purpose for heading down to the Mourne's tomorrow is to reconnoitre(I love that word) the route before running it, as well as just finally getting round to returning for a night. Starting to get quite excited/nervous about it all, and I'm hoping that I won't be embarrassing myself to badly on it.

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sbrt said...

Hippo burp day! Kieth
Manny happy returns


Keith said...

Cheers Steve! Hopefully still be here (or somewhere in the world) next year!!

mcalisterium said...

Ah you can't beat the smell of new gear :)