Sunday, 20 June 2010

Inov-8 To Launch FiveFinger Equivalent Evoskin

Only caught this via a discussion on OM about the fragility of Inov-8 footwear (personally I find them to be a good compromise of grip/comfort/wear, not that my opinion counts for much) and it looks very interesting!

I've been looking at the Vibram Five Fingers for a while but can't really justify the retail price of 100 pounds or thereabouts, it seems ludicrously expensive and might reflect the lack of competition for such footwear rather than manufacture and design. I had a look on Ebay to see if there was any bargains to be had but a large majority look like genuine fakes, so I won't be buying any from there!

Now it would appear that Inov-8 are going to weigh into the uber minimalist footwear niche with these puppies. I'm not going to say much about them other than its good to see Inov-8 adding some competition to Vibram and continue to push the envelope with their footwear. But boy are they ugly!

With a retail price of £40 at Fitness footwear (quick review here), these might be getting added to the gear list for the future!

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The Weekend Dude said...

Yeah they're not that easy on te eye but I reckon they do look to be pretty comfortable for sure and in all honesty if you buy something to be practical who gives a hoot about what stuff looks like. Not many folk I don't reckon.

John Hee said...

5 toes remains the most consistant keyword search on my blog - so the is a lot of interest in the concept