Thursday, 10 June 2010

WEE 2010 - Belvoir Park Forest

Our Wednesday Evening Event (WEE) went as well as can be expected with over one hundred orienteer's running either course, and the weather even brightened up nicely from the wet morning to a rather nice summers evening. With two courses on offer, a simple short run of just under 2K's, and a longer course of 4, there was something for everyone whether young or old, which is exactly what the WEE series is all about.

The burger van control centre.

Both the short and long courses ran well and no one had any problems with any of the points, listening to peoples conversations at the end it was nice to hear them discussing route choices, and an absence of descent.

Queues at the start point.

Keeping "the organiser" happy with the healthy meal option.

Unfortunately the event was slightly marred by the actions of local scum bags that decided that interfering with our electronic control points was a good use of their time. After a couple of reports of the markers going missing, others came in to say that the control boxes were there but no flags were present.

By the time everyone had returned in and we got round to dismantling the courses it turned out that the scum had been more successful than we thought and that three of the controls had been stolen and a fourth had lost its stake and flag. I suppose we should be thankful that they weren't lifted until most of the competitors had been through the course.

On the off chance that someone frequents Belvoir Park (or reads this blog,) please keep an eye out for them (they look like the red box shown here) below is a excerpt of the map with with the control locations on them.

Missing In Action: Controls 101, 103 & 118.

After the loss of three controls the sky tried to cheer us up with a nice pink sunset above the Belfast hills.

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