Thursday, 17 June 2010

Next challenge?

This looks interesting --> Rogaine, found via the Average Joes adenture racing blog.
Rogaining is a sport of long distance navigation on foot for teams of two or more over a twenty four hour period. The object of the sport is to score points by finding checkpoints located within a specially mapped area within the allowed time period. As checkpoints can be visited in any order, strategy and teamwork are important features of the sport as well as endurance, stamina and navigational skills, with night navigation a key element. The team members must stay together at all times.

The event takes place in the Wicklow Mountains to the south of Dublin. The precise start/finish location is not disclosed until close to the event date. The terrain is mainly open moor-land with large tracts of planted coniferous forest.

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Niall Quinn said...

Go for it! Great fun,its a pity they are so uncommon in Ireland. Far more popular in other countries.
It's bloody difficult though, much more stressful than a normal event with all the additional decisions to be made.

Keith said...

Need to have a sit down with a calender and plot all the things I want/need to get done and see how everything lies. I'm pure shit at doing this though, least organised person in the world!