Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ultralight, Ultracheap 4oz insulated "jacket"

Send that expensive down vest back to the shop, you can be warm on the hills for less than the cost of a pint (presuming you already have a wind shirt.)

Novel idea or what? It would be perfect for a mountain marathon, you could even scrap it after the night camp if you were super weight conscious. A great example of function over form.

Seen on OM. Courtesy of Chris Napton

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Niall Quinn said...

Actually I used a sheet of that instead of a rollmat before (though only on soft ground so was just for insulation rather than comfort).
I know a few guys who used to use them instead of karrimats for mountain marathons back when there was a wicklow mountain marathon too. Wouldnt want to wear it as a jacket though!

sbrt said...

Functional and stylish.

What more could you want?

kate said...

it's crazy but i like it! the idea of using it as a sleeping mat

Keith said...

I'm suspect of using it as a roll mat, experience of using a sleeping bag without a roll mat would suggest that is won't provide much insulation, but maybe I'm wrong?

Sbrt, functional and stylish? I don't know about the stylish part now! lol it would definately be interesting to see what the comments would be though.

I am surprised there isn't a niche product out there just like this from one of the cottage manufacturers. A simple vest with no face fabrics and held together with stitching similar to a down vest. A zip could even be left out as those using it would be pretty hardcore. Not a bad simple MYOG idea, that.

sbrt said...

Worn with the moustache balaclava, you would be the envy of outdoors fashionistas and gear freaks.

Keith said...

I would agree with that. I think that balaclava would makeup for pretty much any fashion mistakes :)