Friday, 11 December 2009

Like A Smile On A Monday - Mixtape

In between cramming and making my eyes square I have been throwing a new mix-tape together and it is now ready for the world to critique, complete with covers. I am far happier with this concoction of music, which may in part be due to using different software to mix the tracks, but most probably has a lot to do with abandoning a distinct topic, which seriously hampered the cohesion of Deep clouds above.

Stepping in at just over 41 minutes the mix-tape is certainly worth a gander, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do!

P.S If you give it a listen, please drop us a comment, good or bad.

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Alan Sloman said...

Wow Keith - this is what i got when I clicked on your link for the mix tape:

Virgin Broadband PCguard Warning -
Fraudulent Web Site Detected

You are attempting to connect to a
known fraudulent web site.
Do not submit personal information to this web site. We recommend that you delete any emails associated with this URL.

What do I do?
(This stuff is way beyond my ken!)

Keith said...

WOW. I am very surprised by that. Mediafire is nothing other than an online storage host, in the same way as windows skydrive or badonga are.

It is plausible that some people have uploaded fake programs with viruses embedded to the site and this could be the reason for the warning.

AVG safe search gives me the following for mediafire:

Safe: This page contains no active threats.
Explanation: It is safe to proceed to this page.
Domain: IP Address:
Country Code:
Scanned on: 12/11/09 17:54:23
(0.42 seconds to scan this page)
Ratings are provided by AVG. Site owners please contact AVG Technologies for questions.

I can only presume its an over zealous fire wall?

I can assure you that the two mixtapes I have uploaded and linked to are nothing more than a single mp3, which I have downloaded and checked to make sure they haven't been tampered with.

Alan Sloman said...

Well - I downloaded it and I did not die. My computer did not melt.

It doesn't help my typing though. That's still bollox. I blame these dangerous internetty downloady places, myself...

Ta fella

Keith said...

LOL, well I'm glad you haven't died, nor your computer!! I don't know what I would do if either had happened as a result of downloading the mix.

Plenty reasons to be vigilant about where you go on t'interweb, with number one tip to be using Firefox instead of I.E.

Listening to it again a couple of tracks don't really sit right with the rest (2. Fall Break and 8. Root down.) However I still like it.