Monday, 19 October 2009

POSE Running - Fixing your running style

The first time I heard of Pose running it was from my friend Alan, who like myself has spent probably too much time road running and is starting to incur sore knees from it all. He had heard from his brother about a new running technique which removed much of the impact on your knees; describing it as how you would run if you were bare-footed i.e. running around the garden as a child. This sounded quite interesting as I had stopped running long distances regularly, due to recurring knee pain. Unfortunately this conversation took place while we were walking across the Mourne’s as part of the Ulster Way, and no further research took place.

That was until learning of Crossfit while reading the comments on PTC’s blog: Craig, a Crossfit instructor had ran a 4 hour marathon without running further than 5 miles and was planning on running the entire West Highland Way with a similar method of intense weights and low cardio. Sounded very interesting to me, being able to run an ultra without having to spend half your life pounding tarmac.

Fast forward a couple of Google searches and I came across the Crossfit website and the following Pose technique videos, which I think will interest anyone that spends any amount of time running. Some are a bit long winded, some contain profanity, but they explain simply the theory and how to better your running technique.

Pose Running Can (shamelessly stolen from here)

• Reduce impact on knees by 50% (Scientifically proven)
• Dramatically improve training and racing performance
• Give you a competitive edge
• Help prevent injuries
• Help you loose orthotics for good
• Help you enjoy your running for the rest of your life!

A basic introduction to Pose, and what it involves.

Are more expensive shock absorbing shoes actually worse for you?

The fall.

Correcting running technique.

Technique for running up and down hills.

I really like it when he says:
“You are all kinda screwed after this weekend, ‘cause you’re never gonna stop thinking.... running’s never going to be the same.”
This is very true as I have found anytime I’ve went out trying to Pose, you are constantly analysing technique; am I stretching out too far? Is my foot landing below my CGM? Are my knees locking out? Etc. Even if you have a lapse and drift away from these thoughts it will always come back and you return to trying to evaluate your technique. It's annoying in a way, but is far more agreeable to coming home with sore knees!

I thought the last video would be of interest to anyone that spends time fell running, something I wouldn’t mind partaking in if I thought it wouldn’t eliminate my ability to walk by my thirties.

This book, is apparently a pretty good insight to the whole thing if you don't want to shell out any money for Dr Romanov's books. Just back from trying to pose, one now has sore calves, but apparently thats normal for the first couple weeks.

Happy running peoples!

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kate said...

interesting...i wonder if it could work off road or do you need to consistency of the pavement?

...i'd like to hear how you get on

Keith said...

Well my calves are still sore!! Don't think trying to do 3 miles first time out was such a good idea!

I found it far more effort running, but I suppose you are using your muscles in a different way. The fact that I haven't ran in quite a while has to be taken into account as well.

Anonymous said...
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