Saturday, 17 October 2009

Obsession - a climbing mini film

I came across this on another blog, not even certain which one now but it was climbing related, and thought I'd put it up here for others to see. It's a mini-film about a climbers obsession, and consequently his training regime, to conquer his goal climb of Action Directe, graded 9a. Its a bit corny at times but has a decent couple tunes and is definately worth a watch

Obsession from Chris Doyle on Vimeo.

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Martin Rye said...

Amazing video Keith and thanks for that.

kate said...

worth it for the tina turner ;)
that's a level of motivation and dedication that i can't even imagine

Keith said...

Hi Martin,
My pleasure, think its made the rounds with quite a few climbers but was guessing its still on the fringes of general consumption, glad you enjoyed it.

Hi Kate,
I told you there were some quality tunes!
He is pretty hardcore about it all, but I suppose thats the only way to progress far in any sport?