Sunday, 9 August 2009

Read this - Ditch Monkey

It was when he lived in a forest for a year with no tent and trying to hold down his job in Sotheby's, that I first came across the Ditch Monkey, AKA Hugh Sawyer. However unfortunately it was an excerpt from his blog that ended up in a broadsheet's weekend magazine and after reading the article I misplaced the magazine and never saw it again. Google for some reason wasn't able to track down "man living in woods for a year while holding down a job" and so I hadn't been able to read any more of his exploits since some time in late 2005. That was until his blog got put up on outdoorsbloggers, and so I am now currently making my eyes go square, reading through his blog from June 2005.

It would appear that living a year in a forest outside London was only the start of Hugh's bush crafting type lifestyle and he is now again living without a tent for a year, above a ski resort. I am certainly interested in getting off the grid and being self sufficient, but even to me that seems a bit hardcore.

Fair play to him all the same, it takes balls to do something as outrageous as this, it certainly reminds me of a great, lesser heard of film, Into the Wild and is nothing but purely inspirational .
Maybe when I have some spare money I'll throw him a couple of pennies for his efforts.

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