Monday, 24 August 2009

Newsletter Article (Ulster Way)

Another cheesey article for you all to have a laugh at!

Meant to get this up sooner but just haven't got round to it, so here it is in all its scanned in glory! Its also availible on the newsletter website for anybody thats interested, surprisingly someone actually asked for it to be put up as they hadn't seen it yet. A chopped up part of the telegraph report has also turned up online, and can be seen here.
Its a bit surreal when you get phoned up out of the blue by a newspaper, get quizzed on your trip and then they ask if its alright if they send a tog out to get some snaps, nice, but surreal. I never thought I'd have a photographer to myself, does it mean that I have made it?

Well I think thats all that will be getting printed about my good self for a quite a bit.

Working on a weather mixtape a la Kitsune Noirs great eclectic mixes, however won't be just as good or varied one thinks. Will hopefully finish piecing it together within the next couple days and you can all critique it, hopefully not too harshly.

P.S If anyone works for Gore, I do not want to go to court after declaring your membrane technology defunct and useless, I didn't expect that to get printed

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