Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Few and far between!

Its been over a month and a half since I've blogged anything, and even longer since anything remotely outdoors made it on t'interweb due to my doing! I must do better!

There are things that will pop up in the future for me to share, if there will be anyone on here to read it is another thing.

At the start of last year I hypothesised what I'd like to achieve for the year, and even though very little of it was achieved it seems sensible to make plans for the year that has already begun, if nothing else it will spur me on to achieve them.

I met up with Simon in early November to have a chat over a beer (which was more than pleasant and needs to be repeated.) He mentioned a walk he was planning to undertake and asked for my thoughts, it more than piqued my interest, however I saw it more as an ultra-esque fell run that would maybe compare to something like the Bob Graham Round. "The Mourne 500's" would visit all peaks in the Mournes mountain range that sits above 500 metres. This accounts for 39 peaks, 42 miles, 5,400 m's gain and 5,450 m's loss. Its an epic walk, one that would sit nicely over two or three days, but I see it's potential more as a fell run, and this is my main goal for the year is. Not only will this force me to stick with some sort of training program it will also get me on the hills more often for reconnoitering (I love that word) purposes, whether that involves walking or running or both. Since talking with Simon I have been pointed by a running friend to the Mourne 500 Challenge site (from where I've stolen some of the above stats) and this has just confirmed my desire to give it a bash. The 500's, or 1600's as I want to refer to them, will be my main nemesis for this year.

With the successful completion of the Mourne Way Marathon last year, I can't not return this year. With some sort of consistent training in motion I would like to think sub 4 hours in the marathon is attainable, and depending on how crazy I'm feeling, I'm flirting with the idea of the Ultra. I would be in good company as Craig has thrown his hat in for it.

All this epic running has an ultimate goal in that I would like to have a go at running the Ulster Way at some stage in the future, breaking it down into back to back marathons. There's no possibility of that happening this year, but something for next year maybe.

I will also be hoping to return to the Mourne Mountain Marathon this year and might give the B class a bash if I can find anyone that also wants to destroy their knees, get sweaty and dirty, and share some port and an undersized tent for the night.

Anything else is a bonus. Some climbing might fall into the schedule if my workmates can get me to the wall, and a jaunt down to Kerry for an ascent of Carrauntoohil and some of the surrounding peaks would also be pretty sweet.

That's enough dreaming, back to reality, or at least photo editing.

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Craig said...

Thanks for the mention. The marathon seemed too much of a sure thing, so I'm hoping to surprise myself, or at least run the marathon and have a good walk back to the tent.

I'm hoping for B-class MMM this year as well, so we may be able to team up if needed.

You have a fun year ahead!