Friday, 26 November 2010

Song for the Week

I'm fairly certain I can safely say that most people from my generation don't know who Burt Bacharch is, however they will undoubtedly have heard many of his songs without knowing of his influence. He's undoubtedly a legend, sometimes called the best songwriter still alive and has been writing and composing for the last 60 years. A great introduction to his huge body of work, if you can find it, is his performance at the BBC Electric Proms in 2008, it really is a stunning set!

I initally came across him when reading some music news and it mentioned he was going to work with one of the most pioneering producers in hip-hop, Dr Dre, and so decided to check out the album, At this time. It's a great album with quite a strong political backdrop to many of the songs, and definably also a bit of a hip-hop influence there as well, with the drum loops and base lines especially.

Picked off the Later with Jools Holland show, Burt Bacarach and Rufus Wainwright - Go Ask Shakespeare, from the 2005 album At This Time.

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Ben McFeeters said...

Man absolutely loving the tunes these days, this, the black keys and the mixtape were all crackers!