Monday, 24 January 2011

Cicerone Sale

If you're looking for some cheap guide/reference books get yourself over to the cicerone sale, pronto tonto. They're all going for £2 or £4 compared to the usual £14 either because of tatty covers, or becuause its out of print or an old edition . Plenty bargains to be had, and I'm now waiting on a wee stack to turn up.

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Jon Patterson said...

My stack of Cicerone guides arrived yesterday and I'm delighted with them. All the ones I ordered were described as "tatty covers" but they are like new. Couldn't even describe them as dog eared! Might have to go back and order few more :)

Craig said...

Jon put us on to this over at NI-wild. Thanks all for sharing: I got some great books and saved a packet. Delight.