Monday, 18 October 2010

The Mourne Wall.... coming soon

It's been incredibly quiet from this call sign as of late.

The usual feast or famine service will resume soon, until then here's some photos from a recent 3 day walk along the Mourne Wall.

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Mac E said...

That last shot is something else, I was going to suggest that you were lucky to find such a view but in the end fortune favours the bold (or the guy who gets out there)


Simon said...

Nice cloud inversion! Looking forward to hearing/reading about this. Your posts about Madame Jolie have not been cutting the mustard! Have an adventure of my brewing ... maybe meet up for a brew and discuss it if you are interested?

Keith said...

Richard, I think it's a bit of both! First evening/morning I've spent in the Mournes and not been stuck in the clouds.

True that Simon, but nothing better to write, and having just wasted two hours of my life I felt I had to do something about it! I can stomach most bad films but how Salt made it to the cinema I don't know, closest I've been to walking out of a cinema!
Aye, would be good to meet up, will drop you a mail!

sbrt said...

Quality photos as usual.

Keith said...

Cheers Stephen, will get the post up some time soon!
Less procrastination, more action!