Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Anybody got a tip to stretch the preview images that appear in the blog post so that they fill the width of the post? 400x300 to 550x410? I'm sure its a dead simple html edit if you're that way inclined, but doing it manually results in distortion/pix-elation which I'm looking to avoid!


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Alan Sloman said...

Aha - I do this myself as I increased my writing column width to 550 pixels from the very mean 400 that Blogger provides.

I do it in Windows Live Writer and stretch the pictures there, keeping the proportions the same.

Hope this helps?

Keith said...

Cheers Alan,
I was thinking about going back and trying Live Writer again, Blogger can be very frustrating when trying to move images around and just to see the complete post, pity it doesn't do a full screen writing mode like wordpress, but hey ho.

Will give that a try!

Simon said...

I'm not sure exactly how you are going about this, but if the image you upload is 400px wide then unless blogger can interpolate the image to 550px wide then you will get pixelation.

I agree about blogger being a nightmare to get images in the position you want them. I haven't heard of Live Writer before ... think I might have to check it out!

Alan Sloman said...

I gave up writing the blog using Blogger's system as it frequently lost the lot when you were just about finished and moving the pictures around was just a complete pain in the bottom!
Windows Live Writer is really very easy and intuitive to use.

When on the hoof, I just email my text and pictures to Blogger using my smartphone. The layout is a bit crap (the pictures tend to go to the top of the post and are only the standard 400pixel width but this can be fixed when you get home after the trip.

rutherford said...

if you're thinking about moving your stuff elsewhere try posterous - easy to port over all your existing posts and they deal with flash/pictures/all web media automatically.