Saturday, 19 September 2009

Mourne Mountain Marathon - Finally packed

Finally sorted for tomorows race, both myself and my partners first mountain marathon. Its been a squeeze but I'm all packed now, and everything has just about fitted into a 20 Litre Alpkit Gourdon Stealth + OMM chestpouch, well including some external fastenings. A couple of mini bottles of red wine even made it into the sack, at the expense of an extra fleece, I've got my priorities straight!

The weather forecast has got better throughout the week and the promissed rain looks like it might have been blown off to another part of the country, showers are still likely but I think the shorts and t-shirt will prevail, fingers crossed.

Time for some sleep!! Late night last night and far too much alcohol consumed, especially for anyone looking to perform half decently at the weekend, or today as it were.

Slieve Binian

Hopefully I will return with some capacity to walk, preferably with both ankles intact.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good time. We certainly got the weather for it!

Keith said...

Hi thisteacherslife, the weather certainly was brilliant! Nearly a bit too good for the first ascent on Sunday :-) It was a great weekend, will definately return, but my legs are now destroyed and need of a little TLC

Hendrik M said...

Very nice Keith, glad you got your priorities straight - Fleece is for wussies, wine for real men!

Wandering Photographer said...

Hi Keith, good to meet you on Sunday and congratulations on a good placing in your first mountain marathon! Out of interest, how heavy was your pack?

Keith said...

Hi Hendrik, all you need is a beer (or wine/whisky) jacket, anything else is luxury

Hi Simon, was good to catch a word or two with you as well! To be honest I didn't actually weigh my bag before heading off, but, adding up the manufactures weightage plus a guesstamate for food, wine and 500ml water it was probably coming up to around 6.5 Kg, and probably dropped a Kilo for the second day after the wine and 2 dinners had been consumed. I'm very happy with where we finished all things considered, but certainly hoping to finsih higher next year.