Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Blue Skies - Noah and the whale

Looking for music for my weather mixtape, I came accross blues skies by Noah and the whale, a song that has got a bit of air-time on the radio, but in my eyes not enough. The accompanying video is a trailer for a 50 minute long film which accompanied the album The First Days Of Spring of which a small clip can be seen here.

I love these sorts of leftfield arty films, which usuallly I just happen to stumble accross, the last one was Heima from Sigur Ros, which I came accross through Kitsune Noir. Obviously enjoying the music from the artists goes a long way to enjoying the film, however both seem to be beautifully and lovingly shot. Heima is well worth the watch for the interviews and music, if not for the beautiful time lapse and landscape shots of Iceland. Theres nothing like beutiful landscape captured perfectly to make you want to jet off and explore.

The audiences reaction which is caprture in part 2 reminds me of Amelie, something else I'd certainly reccomend watching.

The "mixtape" will be out soon...

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Alan Sloman said...

More please!

Thoroughly entertaining stuff.


Keith said...

Hi Alan, thanks for stopping by. I'm sure you found the rest of Heima on Youtube? It is a beuatifully shot film. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Time for sleep!