Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Just arrived: Vibram Five Fingers

Courtesy of FitnessFootwear, I have just received (obviously not literally as the Royal Mail don't deliver at 22:00 hrs) a pair of Vibram Five Fingers UK KSO's to test drive and give my thoughts upon.

I think they look pretty sweet, the separation between toes feels a bit strange and I'm quite impressed to see that Vibram have varied the depth of the sole for high/low wear areas, rather than just a thicker depth throughout. More on these later, when I've actually had a chance to leave the house in them! Hopefully I'll get them out onto the Mournes this weekend to see how they get on in the hills, however they might be relegated to camp footwear until my feet toughen to the whole barefoot thing.

Differing profiles of the Vibram Five Fingers KSO sole

Nothing much else to add at this time other than to thank Adam and FitnessFootwear for a pleasant exchange and the chance to review the five fingers.

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One Foot in the Clouds said...

They look rather sweet Keith, Any idea of the weight of these guys?

Adam said...

They weigh next to nothing. Actually they look realyl good! Quite tempted to try a pair of these ones for myself.

Keith said...

330 grams a pair, not too bad for pretty decent foot protection, however insoles and some string would probably come in a bit lighter!

Walking through a meadow is an interesting sensation and coming out the end you have all types of seeds and buds stuck in between your toes which is actually quite nice, but could annoy some.

Dan said...

Wow. It looks very classy. I feel like wanting to have a pair of those foot wear.

Craig said...

Just getting caught up on a lot of blogs - how are the VFF's working out for you Keith? Have you tried then in the Mournes yet?

I got some Inov8's for the mountain marathon, but honestly, even they feel heavy compared to the flimsy shoes I normally run in. If VFF's gave enough grip, I'd be looking to change next year.

Keith said...

Haven't made it to the Mournes still, and its getting a bit cold for them. I was thinking they would be a good camp shoe, but they get wet so easily that you would want to enjoy wet cold feet at camp!

They would be a win for wild swimming though!

I think you'd be fine in most areas of the Mournes comfort wise, it just depends on how sensitive you're feet are! Tarmac/grass = fine, stoney forest track = no fun at all. As for grip I'm unsure, there's pretty much no tread but natural grip from foot form/toes is surprisingly good.

They're definitely worth the money if you want to work on your POSE running form, or wean yourself onto barefoot running. Or if you want kids to point at you're feet and go "silly shoes" :-)