Monday, 8 March 2010

Soirée de poche : Beirut

One of my favourite design blog's to ogle is Kitsune Noir written by Bobby Solomon, not only does it have some of the coolest finds of images and fashion, but there's also some great music on there too.

I was delving through some of the older posts trying to find a video of a specific song, but gave up 14 pages in after finding this great video, by Soirée de poche of Beirut playing live in Paris.

Soirée de poche organise acoustic concerts in apartments with a small audience of around fifty people across Paris. They then film the proceedings with a great sense of intimacy and personal inclusion in the nights events, and you really can't help but want to be there, especially as it sounds so great. Currently they have 14 acts up on their site including Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend and The Walkmen.

Of all of them my favourite has to be Beirut's concert which is below. I only discovered them a couple months ago, and I don't even know how I came across them, but there is something very special about the mix of sounds in the band.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you like it check out the Soirée de poche site for some more very nice intimate concerts.

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