Thursday, 11 February 2010

Walking The Ulster Way Slideshow (Redox edition)

Those that are eagle eyed might have spotted the small change in the sidebar under "Ulster Way Slideshow."

The video has been changed from being hosted on you-tube to vimeo, but more importantly it's increased to 12 and a half minutes after a couple people told me the last one went a bit too fast to appreciate the photos. It's hard not to reminisce while watching the video and think back to all of the good times I had while walking the Ulster Way, but the critical side of me makes me wish I had known my camera better and had taken a tripod of some description with me. Maybe next time, eh?

Anyways I hope it's not too long and someone likes it.

The tracks featured are:
1. Noah And The Whale - "Blue Skies"
2. The National - "So Far Around The Bend"
3. Band of Horses - "The Funeral"

P.S For better quality images watch the video in HD by cliking on the link below the video and clicking the HD icon.

Walking The Ulster Way (Extended) from U.W on Vimeo.

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lacrimosa said...

This video is fantastic. The journey, the photography, the songs..everything really.